The evidence for evolution

Since my original post on The Truth about Evolution, I'd say the biggest issue that has come up is what this evidence for evolution actually is. I've heard people casually dismiss me as ignorant and uninformed. Sure, I can see that. I've only done graduate studies in evolutionary biology, wrote a dissertation on protein evolution, worked and published in the field of comparative and evolutionary genomics, taught "History of Life" for three years, and irregularly attended SMBE and SSB conferences for the last twelve years. What could I possibly know about evolution?

Others have insisted that I have an obligation to disclose this evidence. Still others seem to be genuinely at a loss as to what evidence I'm talking about. So here goes. At long last, this is my final response to all those requests:

I'm not going to give you the evidence. Here's why: First, I'm a creationist and this is supposed to be a creationist blog. Why should I write a series of posts explaining evidence for evolution? Second, there are plenty of adequate summaries of the evidence for evolution. Shoot, Origin's still plenty compelling. Third, I think most of the people asking for this evidence are just trying to bait me into a debate. Let's face it, if they don't know what the evidence is already, then they must have chosen to ignore or dispute the many summaries of this evidence that are already out there. So why would I want to get into a big argument with a fellow creationist over the evidence for evolution? That would be silly.

So that's that. Go read Origin. I've got bigger fish to fry.