Random bits 4

A while back I report on the creation sabbath that the SDA church was celebrating. Here's a report on the one at Loma Linda:
Adventist churches worldwide hold creation emphasis day
Sounds like an interesting meeting (although I don't think the reporter really understood the whale and turtle research).

The latest Acts & Facts arrived in my mailbox today, sans the advertisement inviting me to order Andrew Snelling's monumental, two-volume Earth's Catastrophic Past. It does indicate that the book will be available around Thanksgiving, but the order page on B&N is now gone. And you still can't pre-order it at ICR. Seriously, how hard is it to take pre-orders on what will likely be the most significant work on creationist geology in decades?

There's an interesting article on Science Daily on the Faulkland Islands wolf. I didn't even know there was a Faulkland Islands wolf.

Tim Heaton's got a new article in the October Science and Education that offers serious critique of model-building creationism. Paul Garner has an overview of the article on his blog. It's quite rare to see someone actually read creationist literature rather than just spouting off a dismissive hack job. Tim still concludes that creationism is anti-scientific, but at least he gives it some thought. Thanks for that.

Speaking of anticreationism, I see I've become a talking point for the NCSE. Genie Scott mentioned me in a post on the US News & World Report blog God & Country. Others offer further commentary here and here. For the record, I'm an associate professor of science (not of baraminology) at Bryan College (not university) and William Jennings Bryan is assuredly not my hero. Oh well. As one of my friends told me, "Genie Scott... God help us love her." Amen to that.