Technorati hilarity

From the file of the weird: Back when I started this blog, I joined a few blog networks to increase my exposure. As far as I can tell, it's done very little to attract viewers, but I did find Technorati useful for tracking blog reactions. They recently changed a lot of their features, and here's what I found today on my blog listing:

See that little button that says "Top 100 Science?" Well, that's new. So I looked up their science blog listing (currently consisting of 1105 blogs), and what did I find? I'm currently number 22:

Notice who's number 25. Apparently, I outrank ID-centric Uncommon Descent. As I browsed the list, I noticed the absence of PZ Myers's infamous science (and anticreationist) blog Pharyngula. Surely I don't outrank him? So I looked up his Technorati listing:

According to Technorati, atheist scientist PZ Myers has a "Top 100 Religion" blog, and I, arch-creationist, have a "Top 100 Science" blog! The irony is delicious. It's pretty silly, of course. If that's how they rank us, the rankings are meaningless. It still gave me a pretty good laugh though.