Random Bits 3

There's sort of news on Snelling's new book Earth's Catastrophic Past. Barnes & Noble listed it for presale, to be released on October 28. They even give it an ISBN, but I can't find that number listed in anything that Bookfinder searches. Neither ICR nor Master Books (the publisher listed by B&N) are showing the book in their databases. The B&N price is pretty decent ($40.46 for B&N members) for a $60 book, but I can't guarantee that this is the book I've been waiting for. Sure sounds like it though.

Meanwhile, Paul Garner is lamenting the flip side of what I've been talking about here. I've been complaining about creationist misrepresentation of evolution (as discredited, without evidence, just speculation, etc.). Paul attended a lecture by Denis Alexander, where Alexander defined young-age creationism as belief in species fixity. He rightly points out that this is a stereotype that does not accurately reflect the beliefs of creationists. The point?
But the main lesson I think we should draw from this is that all of us bear some responsibility for making sure that we represent the views of others fairly and accurately - and let me be clear that that applies as much to creationists making claims about evolutionists as it does to evolutionists making claims about creationists. Perhaps some of the ’sting’ might even be taken out of our discussions if we all sought to raise our game in this respect.
Wouldn't that be nice? I sure think so.