Earth's Catastrophic Past

It seems like ages ago that I found out that Andrew Snelling was writing an "update" of The Genesis Flood and that the manuscript had stretched to more than 1000 pages. It was intended to be a synthesis of creationist geology like no other, bringing the field up to date and serving as the reference source for the twenty-first century. That's something I would not only buy but actually read.

For months now, ICR has been teasing us with ads for the new book, called Earth's Catastrophic Past, but there have been no further details. When I got home today I found yet another issue of Acts & Facts in my mailbox, the highlight of which was an informative advertisement for the book. It comes as a two volume set (1,152 pp.) and retails for $59.95. Their "resource guide" (AKA catalogue) invites readers to visit their online store and order item number BEACA1. A quick search shows that it's not actually in their online store yet. Nor is it at AIG's online store, nor at

I assume this will be corrected eventually. In the meantime, I'm growing weary of being teased. Despite all this, I would recommend every serious creationist add this to their collections, whenever it's finally available.