Creation coming in December

The Hollywood Reporter says John Amiel's new Darwin pic Creation will be distributed in the United States by Newmarket (the company that distributed The Passion of the Christ). What a surprise. The secret cabal of creationist boogeymen failed spectacularly to keep this film out of American theaters. I'm glad to see that the Hollywood Reporter isn't naive enough to repeat that drivel, instead saying,
The movie was generally well-received when it opened Toronto two weeks ago, though given its period aspects, found a slightly tougher acquisitions market.

Come December when Newmarket hopes to release the film, I suspect that Creation will probably not open at your local megaplex (which instead will have Avatar and 2012 playing on most screens). This looks like it'll play on one or two screens in most cities and will probably be seen by very few, due to the lack of robots, high speed chases, and scantily clad women. I for one am glad it's coming to the US, and I hope I'll get to squeeze it into my busy holiday schedule.