Polonium halos at The New Creationism

I was going to post something else entirely this morning, but then I read Paul Garner's post on polonium halos, and I thought I should just direct you there. This is a great example of what I consider to be the real maturation of creationism that has occurred over the past twenty years that most folks (creationists included) are unaware of. The initial work on radiohalos was conducted with the assumption that the halos were records of the initial creation of the granites in which they occur. Beginning in the 1980s, creationists began questioning this interpretation. Paul can explain the rest:

Are polonium radiohalos primordial?

I find the history of radiohalos very encouraging. Good science is (in part) a process of making observations and revising interpretations. Revising interpretations, rejecting inadequate explanations, and proposing newer and better theories is a good thing.

And just for the record, I do not howl.