Spring 2009 journal club schedule posted

For you locals reading, I just posted the schedule for the spring 2009 journal club at the CORE website. In case you've never heard of a journal club, Wikipedia (the recognized authority in all such matters) defines it as "a group of individuals who meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in scientific literature." We discuss more than just science, and we also present original research. I thought the last couple semesters of journal club were getting a little too philosophical/theological, so I tried to make this one extra science-y. I also twisted a few arms to get some new faces presenting, so that should be fun too (I like to share the joy of presenting at journal club). Bryan students, remember that you can attend journal club for credit as BIO 319 Current Literature in Origins Research, which is repeatable up to three times for credit for your origins minor.

You'll also notice I'll be summarizing my new monograph Animal and Plant Baramins, and later in the semester I'll discuss that gorgeous but crazy toothed turtle on a half shell. Fun times. If you're in town, you won't want to miss it.

(I read some interesting papers in the latest Science, so I might be back soon posting some actual scientific substance again.)