BSG at AIG and "Genesis Kinds"

Hey look! BSG is on the front page of the AIG website today. It's Pam Sheppard's article that she wrote about the 2008 BSG conference. There's even a photograph of me that captures my best side. I do think it's awfully nice of them to write that up, and even nicer to post it for free for everyone. Now a lot more people can learn about what we do at BSG. Thanks, AIG!

Speaking of BSG, we're going to close registration for the "Genesis Kinds" conference in Hoddesdon, England on January 27. If you were thinking of going, be sure to get your registration in by the 27th (next Tuesday). We have to give the final count to the conference center, so only nonresident registrations can be accepted after January 27. ('nonresident' means you can come to the meetings, but you'll have to get a room somewhere else.)