Hello, internet. It's me.

I must be crazy. Just the other day, I was telling someone how much I value my anonymity, and here I am starting a blog. Frankly, I never thought much of blogging. After all, it's totally free, anyone can do it, and there's no control whatsoever. It just seemed like a big waste of time.

The past few months, though, I've been observing a few blogs, and I've come to see that I may have been hasty in my judgment. Yes, some blogs are nothing more than opinionated (sometimes bigoted) outlets for people to spew their irrationality onto the internet. But some blogs aren't always bad, and there is some utility in them, the most obvious of which is keeping up with obscure news. That's what inspired me to start this blog. (Imagine that: blog hater to blogger in under a year. What's the world coming to?)

My objective here is to create a convenient way to keep people updated about what I'm doing in the area of creationism. This is not a creation vs. evolution blog. I don't want to contribute to the endless propaganda war (though I may comment on it from time to time, but I doubt it). Instead, I'll post news about the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College (of which I'm director) and the BSG: A Creation Biology Study Group (of which I'm president). I'll also post the occasional comment on research of interest, maybe some discussion of books I've read, and (if appropriate) info about some of the interesting places I go. Sometimes, I just feel like I have something I want to say and something I think people need to hear. We'll see how it works out.

Will anyone read this blog? Only the Lord knows. I suppose if you have any interest in CORE or BSG, you might be interested in what I have to say. If you're looking to pick a fight about creationism or evolution, you'll probably be disappointed. If you think I should be excommunicated from creationism or science, well... good luck with that.

Unfortunately, since creationism is such a contentious issue, I decided to disable feedback. As I said, I'm not here to further the propaganda war, and I'm not looking to argue about stuff that gets posted here. Frankly, I have plenty of work to do without debating some anonymous troll on the internet. If you would like to comment on something I've written, send an email to the address above. Who knows? I might even respond.

I guess that's it. Good-bye anonymity, hello internet!